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I've been writing since adolescence and actively seek out opportunities to explore the concept of kismet through fiction. Some may refer to kismet as destiny, fate, or a person's lot in life. I wholeheartedly believe in the overall concept and invite potential readers to embrace it as well. For it is a powerful force to provide meaning throughout your life, particularly as challenges present themselves.

As a magician, my Father taught me to value imagination, and to expand upon it whenever possible. I encourage you to do the same as we journey together to places in our hearts where your inner vision is limitless, and possibilities abound. My father's favorite hobby appears to have rubbed off in a slightly more direct manner as I weave mystical threads whenever the mood strikes. So much so that you might even run into ghosts, psychics, witches, or fairies.

So take a look around…stay awhile. And enjoy. Just make sure you come back and visit often, as there'll be contests with gifts and more! Be sure to visit my blog, where I hold guest interviews, contests and fun blog hops. I look forward to seeing you there.

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